Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday, we left Chicago for a trip through Wisconsin. First, we drove up to Madison, where H had spent several years in the early 90's pursuing an advanced degree in Sociology, otherwise known as "The Painful Elaboration of the Obvious." We visited the UW Sociology building, which had this lovely decor on the walls, "Man: Creator of Order and Disorder":

S practiced his TA section-leading skills:

After spending the bulk of the day in Madison, we drove up to the far north of the state to visit one of our friends, a former union organizer sister who now has a large organic garden and does some other odd jobs. Today, we went out on a canoe:

S found a big stick, and practiced his "Red Guard" stance:

For equity's sake, here's a picture of the older sister:

After an hour or so on the lake, we went hiking/tick gathering, and found this fascinating micro-ecosystem in a truck tire rut:


Matthew said...

I love that "painful exploration of the obvious."

Becky said...

S is practicing following in his mother's TA footsteps.