Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Falling off cliffs

Today is the kids' first day of school. E is starting kindergarten, and S starts preschool at the YMCA. Since E is supposed to be there by 8:10 at the latest, we knew this would pose some serious challenges, as everyone in our family except S likes to sleep in.

We made out ok this morning, everyone more or less getting out of bed when the alarms went off at 6:30. We had prepared last night as if for some great trek - packing clothes, packing lunches and snacks, picking out outfits for the day and arranging them for the quickest possible getting-ready time.

I haven't been particularly worried about the start of school, at least not consciously, but I didn't sleep very well last night. I kept being woken up by strange dreams. We were taking the children mountain-climbing, not along the gentle trails through wooded foothills which might actually be reasonable for four- and six-year-olds, but up above the tree line. The "trail" was marked only by a series of cairns on the bald rock. We must have been climbing along a ridge of some sort, because there were sweeping, dramatic vistas to either side.

Perhaps we were climbing Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Although I've never made this climb, I often have dreams about it. Part of the trail goes along the top of a sheer, 2000-foot precipice. In the dream that woke me up last night, S kept running up to the edges of this precipice and staring out.

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Wesley B said...

Seems like a terrible, beautiful, and perilous place to be. Far too sublime for me - which is why I know I'm too much a coward to be a parent.

Still, sounds exciting too.

And they'll soon get to taste elmer's glue for the first time, if they haven't tried it yet.